Exercise Classes

UniRec’s Group Exercise timetable offers over 40 classes per week – all FREE for our members!

Delivered by trained and enthusiastic instructors, these classes are designed to provide an enjoyable, energetic workout each and every session. With classes ranging from Pump through to Indoor Cycling, there really is something for everyone.

Most UniRec Group Exercise classes are supervised by one of our friendly Exercise Consultants who will provide support and guidance where needed. Classes run daily between 6.00am – 7.30pm meaning that no matter what your lifestyle or work schedule, UniRec has you covered.

Class Descriptions

AB Blast

A strong core contributes to good posture, balance, strength and function. Ab Blast provides a tough 30 minute abdominal and back workout. No warm-up included so arrive ready to work! ...more


A mixture of cardio conditioning and resistance training, BLAT targets the major muscle groups and provides a great fat burning workout. Designed for all fitness levels, this class consists of ...more

Body Blast

Body Blast is a challenging cross training class encompassing a variety of strength and cardiovascular exercises using machine weights, body weight, barbells and more to target your entire body ...more

Box Fit

A circuit class using boxing and martial arts movements to increase your fitness, shape your body and enhance self-confidence. Alongside kicking, punching and skipping this class includes a range of ...more

Bums, Tums and Thighs

An entire class dedicated to resistance training exercises for your abs, butt and legs utilising a wide variety of overload techniques as well as working your cardio system, this class is likely to ...more

Cardio Blast

Combining high and low impact cardiovascular exercises in a varied 45 minute workout, Cardio Blast will help take your fitness to the next level – regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a fitness ...more


Designed around short bursts followed by active recovery, H.I.I.T will push your body hard and is ideal for those seeking a challenge. Each interval will mix cardiovascular and resistance exercises ...more

Lifefit Low

A basic, low impact class with upbeat music, experienced instructors and an emphasis on lifestyle, fitness and opportunities to socialise whilst you exercise. Options throughout the class will allow ...more


A muscle conditioning class incorporating barbells, dumbbells and body weight exercises, PUMP’D delivers an awesome workout designed to target all of the major muscle groups. ...more

Rev 45

Not only are our classes an extremely effective way to burn fat (it’s possible to burn between 400 – 600 calories in one 45 minute session) – they are also an ideal way to build / tone muscles and ...more

Rev 60

Not only are our classes an extremely effective way to burn fat (it’s possible to burn between 400 – 600 calories in one 45 minute session) – they are also an ideal way to build / tone muscles and ...more

Rev Express

Ideal for those looking for a short, intense, calorie burning workout, REV Xpress uses a variety of proven training principles including tabata to deliver a non-stop 30 minute indoor cycling ...more

Step Intervals

A high energy interval training class consisting of cardio (step) and muscle conditioning (resistance) components. This is a great class suitable for all fitness and coordination levels. ...more

Step Mix

Offering a range of step movements, combinations and sequences ranging from basic to complex, Step Mix is designed for those familiar to stepping. For new steppers, we recommend starting with STUMP ...more


A combination of basic athletic stepping and resistance training, STUMP provides a varied full body resistance workout and cardio conditioning in one class. The strength component includes barbells ...more

Train with Tanya

Something for everyone! Each Tuesday Tanya will take you on a ride: Intervals, rolling hills, sprints, climbs, themes, slow slog… all to music hand-picked to motivate and inspire! This is a great ...more

Zumba Fitness

Music is the key ingredient to Zumba classes. The easy-to-follow routines combine steady rhythms and resistance training to sculpt the body whilst burning fat. The specific beats and tempo changes ...more


Our weekly yoga classes focus on breathing, flexibility and strengthening your muscles. Taught by qualified instructors, they’re suitable for all abilities and are free to UniRec members ...more