UniRec’s Group Exercise timetable offers a range of classes every week – all FREE for our members!

Delivered by trained and enthusiastic instructors, these classes are designed to provide an enjoyable, energetic workout each and every session. With classes ranging from Pump through to Indoor Cycling, there really is something for everyone.

Body Blast

Body Blast is a challenging cross training class including a variety of strength and cardiovascular exercises using machine weights, body weight, barbells and more to target your entire body and improve fitness.
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Bums, Tums and Thighs Plus

Our tried-and-true BTT class PLUS some low impact, high intensity cardio. BTT PLUS is dedicated to resistance training exercises for your abs, butt, legs and will leave your muscles quivering. Add the benefit to your cardiovascular system and this class is a winner.
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Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast blends H.I.I.T. with cardio circuits and endurance, putting the emphasis on improving your cardiovascular fitness. Moves are basic and include jumps, high knees, mountain climbers and skipping. If the instructor uses a traditional H.I.I.T. format look out for heavy dumbbells, squats and press ups to elevate the heart rate.
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An exciting blend of kickboxing fundamentals and fitness, suitable for all levels of experience. Learn pad work, defence and movement with an emphasis on lower body strength, grappling and combining punches and kicks.
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LifeFit Low

A basic, low impact class with upbeat music, experienced instructors and an emphasis on lifestyle, fitness and opportunities to socialise whilst you exercise. Options throughout the class will allow participants to work at their own pace. This class is ideal for easy exercisers and seniors.
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Pump Plus

PUMP PLUS is a total body resistance workout. This class is suitable for any fitness or strength level as participants can choose how much weight they use throughout the class.
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REV 45

Not only are our classes an extremely effective way to burn fat (it’s possible to burn between 400 – 600 calories in one 45 minute session) – they are also an ideal way to build / tone muscles and increase cardiovascular endurance whilst minimising stress to the bones and joints.
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A combination of basic athletic stepping and resistance training, STUMP provides a varied full body resistance workout and cardio conditioning in one class. The strength component includes barbells, dumbbells, fit strips and body weight exercises whilst the stepping component requires some basic coordination.
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Our weekly yoga classes focus on breathing, flexibility and strengthening your muscles. Taught by qualified instructors, they’re suitable for all abilities and are free to UniRec members. All equipment is provided - just remember to wear clothing that won't restrict your movement.
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Zumba Fitness

Music is the key ingredient to Zumba classes. The easy-to-follow routines combine steady rhythms and resistance training to sculpt the body whilst burning fat. The specific beats and tempo changes transition the workout from one strengthening / cardiovascular move to another, targeting every major muscle group in the body.
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