Transferring your Membership

You may apply to transfer your membership to another person, providing you have more than one month remaining on your membership.

All you need to do is send us a “transfer request” and include your name, membership number, and a brief reason for the request. Alternatively, you can complete a Membership Transfer Request form (available at reception).

  • If your transfer request is accepted there is a $35 transfer fee to process the change of member.
  • Before the transfer can be processed the new member must complete a new membership form, a Debit Success form if relevant, and signed the current membership agreement.
  • The terms of your membership (including any changes made up to that date) will be transferred to the new member. However, if your contract is a reduced rate membership fee (students, staff) and the new member is not personally eligible for that reduced rate, they will need to pay the current community rate.
  • It may take up to 14 days to process the transfer to the new member.
  • We will not unreasonably decline any transfer request.