Recovering from a recent injury or operation and want to get back on track? Head into UniRec and talk to our Rehabilitation Consultant, Kristina Driller.

Kristina is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with extensive experience in chronic disease management and exercise rehabilitation as well as exercise prescription for clients from all walks of life, including high performance athletes. Kristina can provide specialised programmes to help speed up recovery time, minimise the potential to re-injure and get you back into action as quickly as possible.

Initial Rehabilitation Assessment

During the initial assessment, the client will be asked about their goals, medical history, any pre-existing injuries and the reason for their visit. Following this, a thorough musculoskeletal assessment will be carried out. This process involves assessing range of motion, posture, muscle imbalances and manual muscle testing. The subsequent exercise prescription will be based upon the results of this assessment and the needs of the client.

Subsequent rehabilitation sessions

Following the initial assessment, Kristina will spend time writing a targeted exercise program specifically tailored to the needs of the client and based on the outcomes of the musculoskeletal assessment. During the subsequent sessions, the client will be coached and trained through their specific rehabilitation program, and have modifications made to the program as appropriate. The sessions will be carried out at the UniRec in the space which most fits the need of the client, this includes the hydrotherapy pool or spaces which are more quiet than others.


  • Member Pricing: Initial consultation $85, subsequent 1 Hour session $65
  • Non-member: Initial consultation $95, subsequent 1 Hour session $70
  • Rehab programme member upgrade: 1 Hour $55
  • Member 10 Pack: 60 Minute sessions $550
  • Non-Member 10 Pack: 60 Minute sessions $650

Please note: payment is required upon arrival and Kristina will greet you at reception for your session

For more information, contact:

07 838 4177