Yoga Class Etiquette Tips

Understanding class etiquette will help you feel more comfortable during your practice.

Practicing silence, self-awareness and respect to other students will enhance your yoga experience. Most of these tips are common sense and courtesy and some are specific to yoga.

  • Book your place in the class on-line or at reception.
  • Bring your own mat and props such as a block or strap
  • Sanitise your hands on entry to UniRec. Sign in at reception and collect your tag.
  • Place your mat as marked on the floor.  Yoga tags are placed by your mat in class.
  • Arrive early, enter quietly. Allow time to settle in and prepare. Take your shoes and socks off. Unroll your mat and set up
  • Settle in silence. Sit or lie down and relax. Focus inward and begin to let go of outside thoughts and concerns.
  • The few minutes before class are ideal for a short meditation and for setting an intention, so refraining from chit-chat is not just good etiquette but also really beneficial for your state of mind.
  • Turn off your electronic devices before class. Leave in your locker or at the back of the room, remembering that others have done the same.
  • Practice cleanliness. Yoga is often practiced in close proximity to others and also involves deep breathing so please mind your personal hygiene. We recommend a mild deodorant, clean clothes, a fresh towel, and no perfume.
  • Please wear clothing that is comfortable but not revealing, keeping in mind you will be moving upside down and into some unusual positions.
  • Let your teacher know about any injuries or conditions e.g. pregnancy, that may affect your practice. Your instructor will provide you with appropriate modifications.
  • Honour Your Limits. For your safety, work from where you are, not where you think you should be. Never force to hold or attain a pose, it is not a competition. Practicing with mindfulness you’ll notice subtle differences every single day, so give yourself permission to follow the level that feels right today.
  • Observe silence during savasana. Practice silence during savasana and however tempted you may be to leave early, resist it. If you must leave before the end, leave before people settle into savasana and be as quiet as possible.
  • Finish peacefully. Please keep conversation to a minimum as you pack up.