UniRec is open under Alert Level 2.
See our updates and Frequently Asked Questions here.


Outdoor Classes and Zoom Workouts

Here you'll find information on all our Outdoor Classes including timetables and descriptions, as well as Zoom links and more.


(please note all classes are to meet outside the shops by the Village Green on campus).


HYPE - 8.00AM


Total Body Conditioning - 5.30PM


Yoga - 12.00PM


HYPE - 8.00AM

Total Body Conditioning - 5.30PM


Zumba - 5.30PM


  • Classes will meet outside the shops by the Village Green on the University of Waikato campus
  • 24 spots available per class - bookings are essential
  • $5 per class* - purchased and booked using your UR account (no refunds)
  • Classes can run under shelter in poor weather - please wear all conditions gear when appropriate
  • You must wear a mask to and from the class and keep a 2-metre distance from other members
  • You must sign in using the COVID-19 tracer app on arrival
  • Towels are required and please bring your own mat for yoga
  • Toilets and drinking fountains will remain closed so please come prepared

*please note your UniRec membership and payments will remain on hold.


Bookings can be made using your UR account here. It is the exact same process as booking the gym at Level 2. Once you have logged on:

  1. select from the list of headers: 'Book Online'
  2. select from the options: 'Book a Class'
  3. select the day you wish to book
  4. choose your class
  5. guidelines, conditions and payment instructions will follow

If you haven't logged on using your UR Account on the UniRec website before, here are the instructions:

  • Your username is your email used when signing up to your UniRec membership
  • Your default password is: unireconcampus
  • Please make sure to reset your password after signing in for the first time


Total Body Conditioning (T.B.C.) 

A fierce conditioning class that targets every muscle group as well as the cardio vascular system. Classes are full of tried and true classics like squats, lunges and press ups alongside a bunch more body weight exercises to give you a full body workout.
(High and low impact options available).


An outdoor yoga class with a focus on breathing, flexibility and strengthening your muscles. Taught by qualified instructors, they’re suitable for all abilities. Remember to wear clothing that won't restrict your movement.


Pumping music and easy-to-follow routines combine steady rhythms and fitness training to sculpt the body whilst burning fat. The tempo changes and specific beats transition the workout from one strengthening/cardiovascular move to another, targeting every major muscle group in the body.


High intensity, high volume, high calories and hype tunes. This up-tempo 45-minute circuit style session uses a range of equipment and functional training methods. Open to all fitness levels, this class suits those looking to shock their body into athleticism.


Each week there will be different online workouts available via zoom run by our UniRec Trainers. Workouts will be designed around bodyweight exercises - no equipment needed.

Workouts run Monday and Wednesdays at 4.00PM. Zoom sessions can be accessed here.