New Zealand's first Decaman - and one of UniRec's finest

20 March 2019

Meet Christine Couldrey – the only New Zealander to ever compete in any type of double, triple or even quadruple the length Ironman event. And a proud member of UniRec.

What’s even better, in a few days she’s off to compete at the DecamanUSA. What does this mean? She has 13 days to complete 10 times the length of a normal Ironman in this one off event in New Orleans, USA.

She has to run 422km, swim 38km and cycle 1,800m, all while the clock keeps running. If she’s lucky, she may get 2 hours sleep a night. Food is provided luckily, but it all depends on when you can find the time to eat.

What’s she most nervous about? The pain! Not just physical, but mental as well. And the monotony of it. Running isn’t a continuous 422km down a lovely scenic track. It’s 6km out and 6km back in again, until you’ve completed the required amount. The swim is 380 laps of the University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena Aquatic Center 50 metre pool. The bike ride is a continuous 11km loop.

So what does Christine's training look like? Well this past weekend, she causally mentioned she’d done a six hour swim followed by a 10 hour bike ride. Nothing in comparison to what she is about to embark on when the event begins on the 6th of November though.

So what made her want to do it?

Couldrey says for the past 14 or 15 years she’s wanted to take part in a Decaman. But the only annual ones are held in Mexico. When the one off DecamanUSA was advertised this year, she leapt at the chance.

If you want to see how Christine is going, head to Decamanusa on Facebook or and get all the action!

Good luck Christine!