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Women stretch for Epilepsy NZ

17 May 2018

Epilepsy New Zealand and students from the University of Waikato are getting together to create a yoga campaign for epilepsy awareness. As part of… Read More

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Eating for Weight Loss?

11 May 2018

Once a week, we're bringing you some easy tips and guidelines on health and fitness! Luckily for us, we’ve got our nutritionist Alice on board to… Read More

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How Do I Start?

8 May 2018

Once a fortnight, we will be bringing you bite-sized pieces of information that will help you make informed, sustainable decisions about your health.… Read More

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Need Motivation?

3 May 2018

Need some motivation to get fit and healthy? Take Derek Kingsbury for example. With Type 2 diabetes, he knew something more could be done about his… Read More

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What it's like being trained

31 Oct 2017

Graham gives his account of what it means to be trained by Personal Trainer - Joshua Sasa-Potoi Please Introduce yourself and what you do Graham… Read More

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26 Oct 2017

Lifting weights can help me lose weight? Impossible! Fitness professionals are forever looking for new and improved ways to help their clients lose… Read More

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