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Nutrition - Feeding disease or fighting it

20 Sep 2017

NUTRITION – Feeding disease or fighting itOpinion piece by Exercise Consultant Teresa Whale Nutrition is the backbone to sporting and living… Read More


Zhenyu Shi - Training and Winning with UniRec PT Joshua Sasa

18 Aug 2017

Introducing Zhenyu Shi, a member of the UniRec who has triumphed under the guidance of Personal Trainer Joshua Sasa and was open to sharing some of… Read More

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The Top 5 Myths in the Health and Fitness Industry

4 Aug 2017

top 5 myths in the health and fitness industry With a few staff away, I found myself back in the Personal Training arena. I really enjoyed my time… Read More

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Food makes the athlete: An intro to supplement use

24 May 2017

Victoria Lewis, BSc, BPHEd Last month I did a talk with the Sir Edmund Hillary scholars. The talk was an intro to sports nutrition, with a small… Read More

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Double your protein with Pita Pit Waikato Uni

4 May 2017

Whether it’s free range chicken you’re after or some delicious sweetcorn patties, Pita Pit Waikato Uni have the offer for you. UniRec members can… Read More


Vegetarianism: Not just a fad

3 Apr 2017

Victoria Lewis, BSc, BPHEd Last week I had a chat to the University’s staff wellness group about vegetarian eating, and in the spirit of Nutrition… Read More

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