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Kane Turketo Shoulder Press 2


26 Oct 2017

Lifting weights can help me lose weight? Impossible! Fitness professionals are forever looking for new and improved ways to help their clients lose… Read More

2017 05 05 UniRec staff potrait Teresa Whale 50105 1

Nutrition - Feeding disease or fighting it

20 Sep 2017

NUTRITION – Feeding disease or fighting itOpinion piece by Exercise Consultant Teresa Whale Nutrition is the backbone to sporting and living… Read More


Zhenyu Shi - Training and Winning with UniRec PT Joshua Sasa

18 Aug 2017

Introducing Zhenyu Shi, a member of the UniRec who has triumphed under the guidance of Personal Trainer Joshua Sasa and was open to sharing some of… Read More

343 REC 29Aug13

The Top 5 Myths in the Health and Fitness Industry

4 Aug 2017

top 5 myths in the health and fitness industry With a few staff away, I found myself back in the Personal Training arena. I really enjoyed my time… Read More

UniRec 14

Food makes the athlete: An intro to supplement use

24 May 2017

Victoria Lewis, BSc, BPHEd Last month I did a talk with the Sir Edmund Hillary scholars. The talk was an intro to sports nutrition, with a small… Read More

General Studios Pita Pit 105

Double your protein with Pita Pit Waikato Uni

4 May 2017

Whether it’s free range chicken you’re after or some delicious sweetcorn patties, Pita Pit Waikato Uni have the offer for you. UniRec members can… Read More

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