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UniRec talks to Kasha

UniRec talks to Kasha Latimer – Pilates Instructor

28 Mar 2014

Kasha Latimer has a long association with the fitness industry, teaching Group Fitness for the past 20 years, with the past eight focused on Mind and… Read More

Lauren Article2

Chaffing Hazard Ahead…

10 Mar 2014

Fitness101: Wear suitable attire to all fitness classes involving a bike – especially when you’re expected to sit on one for an hour. To say I… Read More

Fittest Student Comp

UniRec’s Fittest Students 2014!

7 Mar 2014

O’week finished with a bang on the University of Waikato village green as tonnes of students came together to compete for the coveted UniRec… Read More

Zombie Zumba

Zombie Zumba!

6 Mar 2014

Thirsty for brains, human flesh and… high tempo Latin-American dance moves? That’s right folks, UniRec’s O’Week celebrations kicked off with… Read More

Basketball Open

Fancy Playing Some BBall?

5 Mar 2014

At UniRec every Friday evening from 6.00 - 8.00pm, the Sports Hall will be available for members and non-members to come in and play social… Read More

Lauren Article1

Fake It Till You Make It!

20 Feb 2014

It all started last weekend when I went up Wairere Falls for the first time. I’m a newbie to the area and it had been on my hit list for a while,… Read More