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Mens Health Checks

Free Men's Health Checks at UniRec

9 Jun 2014

It's Men's Health Week from 9 - 15 June and to celebrate, UniRec is offering the men in your life free health checks! Your brother, dad, boyfriend or… Read More


Staff digest seminar on keeping happy and healthy on the inside

29 May 2014

Dietician, Milly Connell, from Sport Waikato was on campus today giving University staff tips on how to keep their digestive systems healthy. It was… Read More

Cooking Demo

Food the focus for staff wellness event

28 May 2014

Guest chef Vicki Ravlich-Horan from Nourish Magazine was on campus last month giving University staff ideas for incorporating healthier alternatives… Read More

Maria guitar pics

Making Beautiful Music at UniRec!

21 May 2014

UniRec's Maria is from a large family and kicked off her love of music at a very young age. In fact, she was six years old when she began strumming… Read More

Running for events

Workshop Series, Running for Events – the low down

20 May 2014

Thanks to all of those for coming along to last night’s Running for Events workshop. The team at UniRec say it was great to meet you and help out… Read More


UniRec partners up with WUFA again in 2014

13 May 2014

UniRec’s High Performance Sport Rehabilitation Consultant, Justin Stewart has done the rounds with footballers in the Waikato University Football… Read More

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