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News Stories July

Get It Fitness Summer Bootcamp Success

6 Jul 2015

Summer Bootcamp is over now but it’s been pivotal in changing up the lives of three members who took part. It’s shaken up their daily routine;… Read More


Changing Rooms Upgrade - Week 4

3 Jul 2015

We've reached the halfway point! Plumbing in the shower areas is in, internal walls are all built and floor vinyl has started to be laid. Thanks for… Read More


Changing Rooms Upgrade - Week 3

29 Jun 2015

Three weeks down, five to go! The concrete has now been successfully laid and is ready for plumbing in the showers, toilets and hand basins. Floor… Read More

Upgrade Week2

Changing Rooms Upgrade - Week 2

19 Jun 2015

Things are coming along nicely with our major changing room upgrade. Interior wall framing is up, concrete flooring is being laid and prep for the… Read More

Kickboxing cancellation

Weekly Boxing and Kickboxing Classes Discontinued

17 Jun 2015

Unfortunately, due to a consistently low number of participants, our weekly Boxing and Kickboxing Activity Classes will be discontinued from Thursday… Read More


Workshop Series 2015 - Healthy Back

11 Jun 2015

If you've ever suffered with back problems, make sure you come check out our next free workshop event - 'Healthy Back' which is taking place Thursday… Read More

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