Carbs: the food, the myth, the legend?

25 September 2018

Recently, a discussion took place at UniRec regarding carbohydrates (carbs).

Some people don't even like to look at carbs, while some people carb load for three days.

The thing to remember is everyone differs. This is because some people may be participating in a fitness competition which requires a lot of muscle energy, while others tend to prefer a one hour walk a few times a week. In these instances, diets and nutrients differ from person to person.

But we do need to tell you that carbohydrates are key to fueling your muscles. According to Performance Nutritionist Alice Sharples, they are the main fuel your muscles use during exercise, and you only have limited stores of them in your body. Essentially, the harder and longer you train, the more carbohydrates your muscles burn (and need).

If you want to train the best, you need to start on a good diet. This means adding carbs to the plate. If you continue to train with a poor diet, it can lead to low energy availability, which can then lead to reduced injury recovery, stress fractures, muscle fatigues, constant feeling of fatigue or tiredness, and even (in female athletes) infertility.

If you want help getting your diet right, chat to a nutritionist who can tailor a programme to suit you.