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Meet our mind-body experts!

1 Apr 2016

People often associate Yoga and Pilates with stretching or losing weight, but are unaware of all the other incredible health benefits they have to offer. The truth is there is so much more to the two disciplines than just ‘getting bendy’, and our three instructors are here to tell you why…

We recently caught up with Kasha, Jerrica and Sally to get some insight into why they love Yoga and Pilates so much, and just how beneficial practicing the two disciplines can be for the mind, body and soul. Read on to find out why we’re kicking ourselves for not starting sooner!

Why do you love Yoga and/or Pilates?

“I love the connection with the mind and the body and how it incorporates functional movement for all generations and age groups. I like how it works the core – the body’s powerhouse – which helps improve everything from stability and strength, to flexibility and mind-body coordination.” – Sally (Pilates)

“As well as the obvious things like muscle balance, strength and flexibility; I really love the connection that you get with yourself when practicing. Being a mind-body exercise, you feel really present and in the moment. It’s nice to just take time out of the day and just… exist.” – Kasha (Yoga and Pilates)

“I like the therapeutic effect it has on my health; the sense of peace and calm that it brings each time I practice. It has really changed my perspective on life and how I view things.” – Jerrica (Yoga)

What made you start practicing Yoga and/or Pilates?

“I started doing Pilates because of an injury that limited my ability to do high intensity workouts. I was allowed to do Pilates and Yoga so I gave them a go, and after practicing for a while I found that my injury was gone. After that I decided to become an instructor so that I could make a difference in other people’s lives too.” – Sally (Pilates)

“I used to work in the corporate world and I was constantly stressed out because of my hectic lifestyle. I didn’t really look after my body either and I actually ended up developing an autoimmune disease; my immune system started attacking the healthy cells in my body. I knew I needed to fix the problem so one day I decided to try Yoga. It gave me a sense of calm that I had never felt before so I went back again the next day. After practicing for a month my autoimmune disease disappeared and I decided to become an instructor so I could share the benefits with others.” – Jerrica (Yoga)

What can people get out of incorporating Yoga and/or Pilates into their lives?

“What can they not get out of it?! Yoga and Pilates effect the body on so many different levels but often people overlook all the other benefits because they approach it as being all about the muscles. It can improve postural balance, digestion, breathing, how the nervous system works and so much more. People who come to my classes often tell me that they’re sleeping better or that they have so much more energy to burn; it’s really rewarding.” – Kasha (Yoga and Pilates)

“It will keep their bodies moving and agile. Not only will it help with preventing future injuries, increasing flexibility and improving general movement, Pilates will also encourage core stability which helps with the framework of the spine and holding the body together.” – Sally (Pilates)


If you’re keen to incorporate Yoga or Pilates into your training schedule, we provide weekly classes which are available for all members and non-members to attend.

CLICK HERE to learn more and to view our class timetable and pricing.

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