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7 Sep 2015

Craig, our resident marketing guy and first-time rower, is keeping you up-to-date with 'behind the scenes' action as the UniRec crew builds up to the Gallagher Great Race Corporate Row on Saturday 12 Septemeber.

Check out Craig's week six update below.

So that’s it. Six weeks of training has come and gone and all that’s left to do is race (barring one small last-minute practise on Friday evening). Is the UniRec crew ready to race? Probably not. Are we pumped and raring to go? Damn straight!

Our final week’s training consisted of nothing but sprints which was much-needed having only sprinted as an eight for the first time last week. Our first few attempts were pretty wobbly but our timing and power improved as the session went on. By the time we practised our last few, we were moving the boat at warp speed.

For me personally, my favourite part about practising sprints is hearing young Sam get barred-up as he shouts motivational naughty words from the coach boat! To be fair, it really helps!

If you’re free this Saturday (12th) and are keen to support the UniRec crew, head on down to the river bank. We’ll be hanging out in-between races (under our bright orange marquee) and we’d love you to join us (particularly if you bring tasty ‘recovery’ snacks!). Racing starts from ~7.00am and runs until 5.00pm. Hopefully we’ll see you there!