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31 Aug 2015

Craig, our resident marketing guy and first-time rower, is keeping you up-to-date with 'behind the scenes' action as the UniRec crew builds up to the Gallagher Great Race Corporate Row on Saturday 12 September.

Click here for the crew's latest video blog and check out Craig's week five update below.

Things were definitely taken up a notch this week as we practised our race technique for the first time… As I soon discovered, this ‘technique’ (in the context of a corporate rowing competition) consists of going balls-to-the-wall as hard and as fast as you can with little regard for style or personal wellbeing!

After starting Sunday’s session with some timing and balance practise, Coach Sam introduced us to rolling starts (which is how the races begin on event day). Basically, the process begins with stern four rowing gently away from stationary; seats three and four are then introduced as the pace of the boat starts to pick up; with one and two coming in as Coach Sam starts to scream his trademark expletives. We then go as hard as we possibly can until we reach the finish line. Easy as that!

The feeling of racing an eight is pretty surreal. Everything seems incredibly rushed and you receive a huge surge of adrenalin when the boat starts to pick up speed. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like on event day when we have a competing crew rowing alongside us! Hopefully there’ll be a few supporters on the river bank to cheer us on…

With just a handful of training sessions left before the big day, a few nerves are definitely starting to show. However, I’m also starting to develop a real sense of excitement. No matter what happens during the racing, I think we’re going to have an awesome day with the other crews who all seem like they’re good value. And I’d be lying if I said the little boy inside me didn’t enjoy going fast. Bring on race day!