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17 Aug 2015

Craig, our resident marketing guy and first-time rower, is keeping you up-to-date with 'behind the scences' action as the UniRec crew builds up to the Gallagher Great Race Corporate Row on Saturday 12 September.

Click here for the crew's latest video blog and check out Craig's week three update below.

With just three weeks left until race day, Coach Sam has given us a boost by saying that we’re up there with some of the other corporate crews. Timing and teamwork have been highlighted as the two areas to work on. If we can nail those two things, we’ll be in with a shot on race day. If not, then I guess we can say we tried…

As for my contribution at the latest training session, if you think about your most memorable sporting failure and multiply that by 1000, that was my performance this week. An absolute embarrassment of the highest order. It sounds over-dramatic but to be honest, a one-legged donkey would have had more coordination than me this past Sunday…

What was the problem? Coach Sam says that I’m not ‘feathering’ the blade properly (the process of drawing the blade flat along the water before squaring ahead of submerging). Everyone else seems to have it down so it’s a little soul destroying knowing that I’m still struggling - stupid rowing. However, ‘through adversity comes triumph’, so I guess things can only get better.

As for the rest of the team, things were looking really good. Nicola has made vast improvements. Jolie and Jack look like naturals and JTR is leading the team well. Even James Campbell looks pretty solid (following his demotion to three-seat that is)! Things are coming together, my epic fail aside!

Week3 GGR