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Mum in the best shape of her life!

28 Apr 2015

Focusing on the ‘post exercise buzz’ is what gets Janet Horsfall out of bed in the morning for her early morning dates at the gym. It’s been a year now, and she’s hooked. The idea of making an excuse no longer enters her mind.

Janet decided to join UniRec because she noticed aches and pains in her hip and back from not moving enough. “I had to make the decision; do I use it or lose it? And I chose to get out there and do something about it,” Janet says.

Janet says now she’s never felt better, and at 45 years old and busy with two teenagers and an 11 year old at home, that’s quite a call!

UniRec has been the answer to getting Janet stronger, faster and more motivated than ever before and with trusty Tod Foster, Personal Trainer at Get It Fitness by her side, she sees improvements each week.

“I’d say the key is consistency. I see Tod once every three weeks so there’s no chance for me to plateau. I’m always motivated to keep working that extra bit harder so that I can reap the rewards. These days I enjoy life more and do more things. Now, I enjoy climbing the stairs and go tramping every now and then. I enjoy being outside in nature and with my gym regime I can do more and last longer,” Janet says.

Janet also says she loves the UniRec environment.

“I enjoy UniRec for so many things; its diversity in people, the staff are all great and really friendly, there are lots of activity options under the one roof – from swimming, cardio, weights and group exercise classes. The price is good too!” Janet says.

Maria Jarvis, Exercise Consultant at UniRec often bumps into Janet when she’s training in the gym independently, and says she can really see the confidence Janet has gained from being a UniRec member, working out regularly.

“Not only is she physically stronger, but mentally she’s more focussed and not put off by the challenge of being out of her comfort zone. She’s got on and changed her life for the better by getting more active. She’s definitely one of our success stories,” Maria says.