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UniRec / Get It Fitness New Year Bootcamp Success

15 Apr 2015

UniRec's New Year Bootcamp is over now but it’s been pivotal in changing up the lives of three members who took part. It’s shaken up their daily routine; got them out of the office more and now they’re reaping the benefits of fitness and enjoying moving their bodies again!

With relatively sedentary jobs and ranging in age from late 40s to early 60s, each had a specific goal in mind which they wanted to achieve by the end of 10 weeks.

Sharon wanted to get fit before hitting the slopes of Mt Everest in Nepal, Cheryl wanted to get strong and avoid boredom in the gym, and Jenny wanted to lose weight and gain much needed fitness.

Get It Fitness Personal Trainer Josh Sasa-Potoi took a holistic approach to the New Year Bootcamp. He aimed to assist each individual to reach their goals and ensured everyone felt better and saw progress as each week went on.

“As a PT, my role is to motivate and encourage each one of them and make sure they reach their goals. They have an end in mind, I’m just here to help them achieve that. It’s important to remind them to keep at it and not give up,” Josh says.

So what do they say now.. 10 weeks later?

UniRec caught up with them to see if they’d do it again and all of them said “YES!”.

“In no time at all I could see improvements not only in fitness and strength, but my eating and sleeping improved. It’s a great start for incorporating exercise into your daily routine. I was amazed to see how far we all had come. Now I feel prepared for my mountain trekking in Nepal,” Sharon.

“I tend to get bored quite quickly doing fitness but I didn't find that at all with Bootcamp. It has been really good for me, improving my cardio fitness and my strength. I found working in a group and doing different exercises a great fun way to keep my fitness levels up,” Cheryl.

“Being overweight and unfit it was a big step to enrol in Bootcamp but it was the ‘kickstart’ I needed to get moving again. I have been really stretched at times to the point of being totally exhausted, but Josh and Vonita have always been encouraging and supportive and never made me feel like I couldn’t do it.  Now I know that I don’t need to be afraid of a little sweat or the pain of exertion,” Jenny.


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