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Meet Our Members - Alice Kennedy

19 Mar 2015

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough!

Alice Kennedy, a third year communications student, had never stepped into a gym before she arrived at university. Nowdays she thinks her grades have improved remarkably as a reflection of her regular exercise regime.

“I wasn’t sporty at school but I decided I wanted to be fit and healthy and thought the gym was a good way of doing that without having to play sport. My initial goal was to do Tough Mudder in Auckland. Not only did my fitness and strength improve the moment I stepped into the gym, my grades went up to As, which was an unexpected bonus,” Alice says.

Alice began her Tough Mudder training with short group training sessions at UniRec.

“I started training with Maria and her Express Train class. It was perfect because a 30 minute workout was easy to squeeze in between classes. Knowing it was short meant I could get a good circuit training session in without using a lot of time.”

Alice says now exercise is a key part of her weekly routine, meaning she prioritises it in her schedule and moves things around to make sure she can fit training in.

“I prioritise my gym sessions. If a meeting pops up that clashes I make sure I get up earlier or go to a different group-ex class to make up for it. I’m lucky because there are so many classes available that I can be flexible.”

In addition to the exercise classes, Alice says the option of re-adjusting her programme regularly or when she gets bored with it is another factor which usually sees her exploring another area of UniRec.

“I’ve had a few programmes done by the ECs, I think people should take more advantage of them because they’re free! I’ve met with James, Maria and Kristina who have all taken into account my lifestyle and injuries. They listen to what I like and don’t like and pass on handy tips to help me maintain strength and improve my balance.”

Alice was a member of last year’s Tough Guy & Girl Challenge UniRec team. The team had group training sessions in the lead up and had a team bus take them to the Rotorua event. Alice is looking forward to taking part with UniRec in the June event this year a bit closer to home, in Ngarawahia.

Looking to the future, Alice is looking forward to taking on the muddy fun-run challenge again, as well as tackling her first half marathon.

“At the moment I’m looking at possibly doing the Huntly or Hamilton event later in the year. My moto is ‘if you get bored change it up’ so I’m always looking for fresh challenges. Keeping up with my fitness means I’m able to approach each challenge with a positive attitude and commitment to the cause.”