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UniRec's Hinemoa Tackles Outward Bound!

14 Oct 2014

Hinemoa Fraser doubles as a familiar face at UniRec reception as she studies towards her double degree in Sport & Leisure and Biology. But… did you know that she has just returned from an epic 21 day adventure at Anakiwa’s Outward Bound which has stretched far more than her physical boundaries.

UniRec caught up with Hine to get the scoop on what happened out in the bush.


I knew it was going to be ultra-physical and even though I had a base fitness, I knew it was going to challenge my limits.

How’d it turn out?

It really helped me to grow and one of the key things that kept being drilled into us was ‘Live in the Moment’. I arrived with about 70 other people. We got put into groups and my ‘watch’ of 13 people turned out to be great – no drama queens, mostly students or young professionals and all genuinely great people. Throughout the adventure, there was fantastic teamwork with us all helping eachother out where we could.

It was a massive physical challenge which ended up making us all feel quite fatigued.. which lead to mental fatigue… You get the picture! We were always on the move.. We never ‘had a break’, we were always occupied. We ended up fitting so much into each day.

What did you tick off the list?

Lots of daily 6km runs, an overnight tramp, sailing, rowing, service for DOC, rock-climbing, abseiling, kayaking, a 3 night solo, a 3 day tramp and a half marathon!


Pushing through a knee injury after going up and down a really steep gradient on the 3 day tramp… But, you have to keep going. My mind kept repeating ‘Just live in the moment’ and there was one funny guy in my team who kept all of our spirits up when it got pretty tough. He was brilliant.

Biggest challenge?

Half way through the marathon I was so happy I was able to do one after all the physical activity I’d put my body through over the previous 20 days. You realise what you can achieve when you push yourself – especially mentally. This would be closely followed by having to rock climb and abseil blindfolded! That was pretty scary, but luckily one of the other girls in my group came and helped me out by doing it with me, talking me through each step as I went. A real star!

Key learning?

‘Live in the moment’ and ‘Everything is achievable if you break it down into achievable goals’.

It truly was a life changing experience for me which has re-motivated me and helped me re-evaluate my own goals. I have to say a special thank you to my sponsor Pub Charity which provided most of the funding. Without them I would not have had the opportunity to do this unbelievable experience.

What’s your advice to UniRec members?

Give it a go! It caters for everyone; 60+, physical disabilities etc.  It’s totally worth it – check out their website and Facebook Page