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UniRec crew to hit the water at Gallagher Great Race!

5 Sep 2014

Hamilton is about to go rowing crazy as we build up to this year’s Gallagher Great Race, which is set to take place on Sat 13 and Sun 14 September. For those unfamiliar with the event, the Great Race is a weekend of epic river racing action which sees top international universities compete against the mighty University of Waikato. As well as the uni racing, there are corporate and secondary school comps as well.

We’re pleased to announce that for the second year running, UniRec will be entering a crew into the corporate competition with the aim of claiming the title of Hamilton’s fittest business! Making up the dream team this year is Sarah, Erin, JTR, Jack, Tod, Tanya, Jolie and Vonita.

We recently caught up with UniRec EC and rowing colossus Erin Mascelle to find out how the crews feeling ahead of the big event…

Hey Erin, how’s the training going!?

Training is going really well. We’re into our fifth week of training as a crew together. Everyone is picking up the technique and gets a better feel for the boat each time we head out on the water. We train twice per week (Thurs and Sun) although full attendance has been a bit of an issue... we’re yet to paddle as a full crew together! 

Any mishaps on the water so far?

Surprisingly we’ve had no major mishaps! In the first two training sessions on the water I did catch about 5 crabs and nearly fell out of the boat but other than that it’s been relatively smooth sailing! It can get tense at times, but we focus and relax and generally pull through. 

Who’s the teams’ star performer?

Star performers would be JTR and Sarah - they're the glue to our crew. They bring structure and clarity to the rest of the team, and make it possible for us to row comfortably and confidently. They set a great pace and believe in the rest of the team.

Sarah, I would say, would be our captain. She sits in stroke seat, so therefore sets the pace of the boat as she knows what the best pace is and what we are capable of as a team. 

What are the crew’s expectations heading into the big event?

To complete every race without someone falling out of the boat! 

We’re definitely in it to win it, and with all of our excellent training over the past few weeks and our awesome, athletic team, I believe we have a great shot at doing very well!

The corporate competition takes place on Sat 13 September and is free to attend (as is the uni racing on Sunday) so come along and cheer on the team! We reckon they might need all the help they can get…

For more info about the Gallagher Great Race, visit the website.

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