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What I usually do at the gym and why I'm excited about Tough Guy...

14 Jul 2014

Meet Lauren, a proud UniRec member and journo student over at Wintec who bravely took up the challenge to join our Tough Guy and Gal team. Lauren will be documenting her journey leading up to the event on Aug 9th, sharing all of her trials and tribulations along the way! Stay tuned for her first article which is coming soon. We recently caught up with Lauren for a quick chat about her usual routine and her thoughts about the event.

"Usually, the best place to spot me in the gym is the weights room. The rush you get from picking up really heavy things and putting them down again can sound a bit odd from the outside, but endorphins are a beautiful thing. I love the feeling of breaking personal records, even when they're objectively not very high!

I thought using a bike as my main form of transport meant my aerobic fitness was under control, but training for the Tough Guy is challenging a lot of assumptions. I've never been a particularly fit person – and honestly, the whole concept of running the challenge still sparks a little whirlpool of fight-or-flight adrenaline in my stomach – so I suppose I'm so excited about it because of everything it represents. It's a concrete motivation to get stronger and faster and more competent; a push to see how far I've come (and how far there is to go); and maybe most importantly, a chance to take back running from sadistic P.E. Teachers!"

To find out more about unirec's tough guy & gal team and to get involved, see the team at reception.