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Staff digest seminar on keeping happy and healthy on the inside

29 May 2014

Dietician, Milly Connell, from Sport Waikato was on campus today giving University staff tips on how to keep their digestive systems healthy.

It was almost a full house with 30 staff members attending the recent University Staff Wellness seminar. Milly covered off how stress, diet and medical issues can negatively impact digestion and subsequent nutrition absorption. She also stated how important it was to strive for balance so that the insides remain healthy.

Milly provided helpful advice on how to build and maintain good digestive health. The eight easy steps included; keeping hydrated, eating mindfully, staying active and stressing less.

Also recommended was replacing processed food to focus on ‘real’ foods, which had the added benefit on digestive health. She explained that processed foods can slow digestion down, cause weight gain and create an environment where bacteria is able to flourish.

Milly’s top tip was to eat mindfully. “People often eat while they’re busy doing other things, meaning that they’re often unaware of what and how much they’re actually eating.”

She encouraged those attending to slow down and chew food, “savour the taste and eat until you’re satisfied not stuffed.”

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