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Food the focus for staff wellness event

28 May 2014

Guest chef Vicki Ravlich-Horan from Nourish Magazine was on campus last month giving University staff ideas for incorporating healthier alternatives into their everyday cooking.

The cooking demonstration was part of the University’s Staff Wellness programme. Vicki demonstrated a simple yet healthy menu which included bircher muesli, rice paper rolls, and mushroom and chicken risotto. The fun and informative session was met with much enthusiasm, especially as staff got to sample each dish.

Vicki’s food philosophy is if you start from real ingredients you can’t go wrong.

Vicki dispelled the myths about cooking a good risotto, saying it can be a simple recipe that can put dinner on the table within 20 minutes and using whatever’s in the fridge. She also talked about the value of good stock and warned against the high levels of MSG found in most cheap stocks and sauces.

Vicki says MSG is hidden in most processed foods these days and it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating. “MSG (sometimes listed as ‘flavour enhancer’ or E621) plays havoc with your digestive system, tricking you into thinking your stomach is full, when you actually haven’t had enough protein or necessary nutrients, only to find you’re hungry again 20 minutes later.”

More Staff Wellness events are planned for June, including free men’s health checks and a winter fitness focus. Visit for more info and to register.

Cooking Demo