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Making Beautiful Music at UniRec!

21 May 2014

UniRec's Maria is from a large family and kicked off her love of music at a very young age. In fact, she was six years old when she began strumming one of three guitars that were floating around the house for her parents and seven siblings to use.

With her mum being a singer and involved in the local theatre, the family grew up singing and playing to a range of musicals. Maria herself has dabbled in singing and songwriting and has had airtime on Radio Rhema too.

Being such a musical fanatic means Maria loses plenty of guitar picks along the way, and has ended up keeping a bowl on standby so that she doesn’t run out.

With this in mind, last Christmas her husband gave her the ultimate gift, a do it yourself Pick Maker, which she says is “the best present ever.” Now she knows there is no chance of running out! Putting it to good use has meant her bowl is now topped up to the brim.

Last month, UniRec introduced a new orange membership card to members, Maria saw an opportunity to get creative and recycle the old cards into ‘semi-hard’ guitar picks that would raise funds for local charity, Women’s Refuge.

Maria says it’s a cost effective, sustainable way to reuse, recycle and create something useful in the process.

“When you go into a store it can cost you $2 for one, or $10 for a bag. Of course they quickly go walkabout. I thought that by recycling old membership cards, people who are interested in music or have friends who are, they can grab a bag of five for a gold coin donation which then goes to our dedicated charity, Hamilton’s Women’s Refuge.”

The picks can be used on a base, acoustic or electric guitars and are on display at UniRec reception for members who are keen to stock up.

Maria guitar pics