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The Workshop Series 2014

22 Apr 2014

Exciting news... The new and improved UniRec Workshop Series is set to kick-off on May 1st!

What is the Workshop Series you ask!? The Series is a range of interactive workshops which are FREE for both members and non-members to participate in. These workshops take place monthly and cover a range of topics, with the aim being to help gym goers get the best out of their workouts. Take a look at what the 2014 Series has to offer. If you are interested in taking part in any of the workshops, simply reserve your spot at reception.



Develop correct technique for each of the major lifts whilst learning how to maximise gains and prevent injury.

'Running for Events' - 19 May | How to last the distance

Master correct running technique as well as gain useful tips and advice when preparing for long-distance running events.

'6-pack Abs' - 30 June | From keg to 6-pack - your ‘how-to’ guide

Learn the secrets to that elusive 6-pack... We'll dispel the myths and teach what really works!

'Ladies get loaded' - 19 July | Vital lifts for maximum results

No boys allowed! For one night only, UniRec's weights room will be a female only zone where we will teach all the lifts required to take your results to the next level. 

'Row Right' - 27 August | Burn calories. Condition your body. Prevent injury

Rowing is a fantastic calorie burning exercise that targets multiple key areas of the body. This workshop will focus on correct technique and injury prevention.


'Functional Training' - 18 Sept | Ditch the beach weights!

Forget the bicep curls... Learn key functional moves that will increase strength, endurance and power as well as helping towards your dream physique.

'RTB Ready' - 6 October | Get Rec'd for Round the Bridges

Taking on Hamilton's iconic Round the Bridges? Let us help ensure you are ready for the big day.

'It's up to you!' - December (Exact date tbc)

We're pretty open-minded here at UniRec and so would like your ideas for our final workshop of 2014. Give your suggestions at reception - the best ideas will be put to a vote in November via our Facebook page

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