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Chaffing Hazard Ahead…

10 Mar 2014

Fitness101: Wear suitable attire to all fitness classes involving a bike – especially when you’re expected to sit on one for an hour.

To say I was unprepared for my first class at UniRec is an understatement. However, I’m philosophical about the likelihood of many more future mishaps as I ponder, then tackle my 2014 fitness challenge.

Board shorts. They may seem like they belong to the noughties, but if I’m truthful, I bought this pair last year when I was dreaming up my foray into paddle boarding (trending at the time).

Where could the harm be in dusting them off for my first session at UniRec?

You’ll be feeling my pain right about now if you’ve made the same mistake. Although they may feel lightweight and comfortable when out in the water, I can confirm there is no place for them in a REV class.

Having had my gym gear sitting in my car most of the week, I knew that on Monday it was time to get the show on the road and step through to my new happy (endorphin inducing) place.

I knew two things that needed to happen; try out something new and be in a group environment where I would resist the urge to walk out after doing the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Why REV? Well… Cycling is a growing sport in NZ. Look at the athletes we produce who then go on to represent NZ on the world stage. They certainly give ‘thunder thighs’ a very different, impressive connotation. Yes, I’m thinking of track sprinter Simon ‘Rhino’ van Velthooven, bronze medallist at the World Champs last week. I’ll be checking him out later this week at the new Avantidrome for the BikeNZ Track Nationals. Call it ‘cycling inspiration’.

So, did I survive? In a word, yes, all 59.37 minutes of it. Besides the discomfort brought on by non- standard attire and failing miserably when it came to getting out of the seat for the hill climbs (it’s tough), I hung in there till the end and for a first timer, that’s an achievement in itself.

I caught up with REV instructor Tanya after class who passed on some encouraging advice and sewed the seed for setting a goal to work towards.

REV Instructor Tanya reckons “your backside needs to get used to the bike” so coming along to a REV class twice a week is the minimum. After 6 weeks I’ll be able to test out the outdoors. Apparently I’ll be able to survive 1.5 hours (gasp) in undulating terrain. That actually makes me kind of excited. 

Finally choosing to step away from the sloth like, anti-fit sentiment she has been carrying around since she sustained an ankle injury whilst out running, Lauren has decided to kick off 2014 in style, with a brand new UniRec membership and a huge desire to get her groove back.

A newbie to the area, she’s also keen to tick some boxes in the gorgeous Waikato. That means local events that include running, biking and whatever else pops up along the way…

Lauren will check in with us each week to let us know how her “in it to feel fit and fabulous in her day to day life” fitness challenge is going.

Stay tuned to Unirec’s Latest News to keep up to date.

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