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UniRec talks to Kasha Latimer – Pilates Instructor

28 Mar 2014

Kasha Latimer has a long association with the fitness industry, teaching Group Fitness for the past 20 years, with the past eight focused on Mind and Body Fitness and Wellbeing. She says Pilates is for anyone and everyone with all types of fitness levels and encourages people to give it a go.

 “It makes people feel good and everyone has something to gain from the classes. It’s a really good way to balance and counteract the stresses of modern life. It helps people feel good and become grounded again. Lots of people come out of a class knowing they’ve worked really hard and feel relaxed and refreshed. The focus is on improving from week to week.

 “I’ve had some really great feedback from people who have taken part in my classes, from; ‘I can touch my toes’, ‘I can sleep through the night’, ‘My back pain has disappeared’, to ‘My posture has improved’. It’s about treating ailments in a positive, proactive way. Pilates is also great for assisting the healing process of existing injuries as well as assisting with injury prevention.

“There’s a fantastic mix of people who come along. Come and see how it suits you.”

Within a welcoming atmosphere, everyone is provided with a mat and allowed to go at their own pace. Kasha provides modifications for different abilities so that everyone has the opportunity to challenge themselves. Each week the classes are different, showcasing the variety that Pilates offers.

UniRec’s Pilates class takes place every Wednesday, 12.05 – 12.50pm. For more information about all of the Activity Classes we have to offer, click here.

UniRec talks to Kasha