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Fake It Till You Make It!

20 Feb 2014

It all started last weekend when I went up Wairere Falls for the first time. I’m a newbie to the area and it had been on my hit list for a while, so when my boyfriend suggested a road trip for a lovely Saturday stroll I was sold.

“Do I need sneakers or can I just wear jandals?”, “Sneakers” was the response.

I thought nothing of my man’s cough when I walked out of the house donning a lightweight chambray cotton dress with my sneaks. But now having climbed to the peak, I do still ask myself, what was I thinking?

You see, I have a confession to make. Not only is my boyfriend a professional athlete, but I seemed to have pulled off a great hoax in that when we met, he perhaps thought that I was a bit sporty too.

Easy mistake to make. From the outside looking in, it seems to everyone that I am your regular, athletic type. I was a competitive swimmer when I was young but stopped as soon as I left school, but, after years of following the black line at the bottom of a swimming pool I have still maintained the ‘swimmers physique’, broad shoulders, V shape, lean.

Was he tricked? Possibly. Why bring all this up now? Well after my recent trip up Wairere Falls I have decided the ruse is to be no more! I am stepping away from the sloth like, anti-fit sentiment I have been carrying around since sustaining an ankle injury when out running in Grey Lynn Park four years ago, and am setting about getting my groove back – doing anything exercise like, except returning to the pool.

Over the course of 2014, my goal is to shake this bad boy anti-fit persona and get on the wagon to feeling sporty again. It’s long overdue. I have recruited the perfect people to help me – the wonderful staff at UniRec, who will guide me through my options on getting back on track.

I’m in it to feel fit and fabulous. I want to feel the difference in my day to day life and also to tick off a few more boxes in the gorgeous area that I now live in, the Waikato. That means running, biking, anything really except swimming…

And that’s what Saturday was like. I climbed my Everest (despite my ego taking a decent whack). I let out a big sigh of relief as I looked out across the beautiful rolling countryside of Matamata, completely happy that I had made the move here last year, and that I could now take in the prize of reaching the top. Plenty more of those moments to come in 2014 me thinks!

Take the journey and keep track of Loz’s progress each week. She’ll be expecting shout outs for tips and tricks along the way to help motivate her and get her through this year long challenge. Wish her luck…

Next week’s episode: Getting set for Week one - Introductions.

Finally choosing to step away from the sloth like, anti-fit sentiment she has been carrying around since she sustained an ankle injury whilst out running, Lauren has decided to kick off 2014 in style, with a brand new UniRec membership and a huge desire to get her groove back.

A newbie to the area, she’s also keen to tick some boxes in the gorgeous Waikato. That means local events that include running, biking and whatever else pops up along the way…

Lauren will check in with us each week to let us know how her “in it to feel fit and fabulous in her day to day life” fitness challenge is going.

Stay tuned to Unirec’s Latest News to keep up to date.

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