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An Audience With.. Nola

27 Jun 2018

Nola walked through UniRec doors 18 months ago, and didn’t look back.

It wasn’t an easy step to make; after suffering from Grave’s Disease for over a decade, she was left with chronic fatigue, zero muscle strength, weight gain (especially after her thyroidectomy), sleep apnoea, digestive issues, lethargy, mood swings, depression and anxiety.

Due to her disease, she was required to have an operation on her thyroid. After the operation, doctors said it would be near impossible to move the weight she had gained and get back to where she was prior to being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease.

Do you know what she did? She stepped through UniRec doors and began to get healthy. Now, she says she is ‘nothing like she was before’. 18 months ago, Nola says she was a size 22-24 and she struggled to lift 24 kilograms. She is now a size 14-16, can bench press 40kg and leg press 140kg.

One thing about Nola is that she doesn’t believe in measuring success on the scales - she stopped weighing herself when it took her three months to move her first five kilograms. She measures her success by how she feels – happy, fit and strong. She can walk without losing her breath, and all her blood tests are now in the normal/healthy range.

She attributes her success to working with one of UniRec’s Exercise Consultants. And at 45, she says she is the strongest she has ever been.

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