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What it's like being trained

31 Oct 2017

Graham gives his account of what it means to be trained by Personal Trainer - Joshua Sasa-Potoi

Please Introduce yourself and what you do

Graham Hunter - Finance Manager at the University of Waikato

What challenge were you experiencing before deciding to train with Joshua?

Suffering from a lack of Fitness, Balance and Flexibility

Did you try anything to solve this?

Yes - I enrolled at the gym and trained very generically

What did you find as a result of investing in Personal Training?

The use of a Personal Trainer immediately helped and Josh started targeting specific issues. This highlighted that training by myself wasn't nearly as successful.

What is the best thing about training with Joshua?

The ability to have the training linked to specific goals and target areas. There's purpose in all my training's.

highlight three benefits you've enjoyed as a result of Personal Training?

I) The tailored exercise programs I work on at UniRec between PT sessions
II) The variety in the training. This stops it being repetitive and keeps my interest and motivation up
II) Having someone with knowledge and an ability to adjust training sessions last minute if I have any niggling issues.

What would you say to anyone considering PT and would you recommend it? 

I would say go for it. For me it has been the best investment I have made to my own health and well-being. This has resulted in meaningful results from my gym sessions.

Great to hear of your successes Graham. Keep up the awesome work.

Graham Hunter Floorwork