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Zhenyu Shi - Training and Winning with UniRec PT Joshua Sasa

18 Aug 2017

Introducing Zhenyu Shi, a member of the UniRec who has triumphed under the guidance of Personal Trainer Joshua Sasa and was open to sharing some of his journey

1. Please State your full name and Title

ZHENYU SHI, I am a 3rd Year Student, studying Media and Creative Technologies Degree at University of Waikato.

2. What challenges were you experiencing before Personal Training with Joshua?

"I was lazy and overweight.
I was unsure of the correct technique to exercise.
I didn’t know how to start looking after myself.
It was hard for me to get started by myself"

3. Did you try anything to solve this problem?

"Started writing out an exercise schedule that only worked when i felt like it.
I tried Online research for some videos to help me
All these videos looked impressive especially the on-line trainers with their fitness physique. However i didn’t know which exercises would suit me because everyone is different right?"

4. What did you find as a result of investing in Personal Training?

"Man! i remember the first session with Joshua.
I had to take a lot of breaks because i was running out of breath and my muscles was so weak!
The first month was all about changes, that was very hard for me but I kept going. The second month of training I noticed weight loss was happening.
My clothes started to get loose. Joshua recommended a nutritionist for specific weight loss guidelines suited for me and my student lifestyle.
Its been just over three months now and i have lost 10kg. I am more focused with my studies. My confidence has boosted from doing presentations at the back, now just want to be in the front."

5. What was the best thing about it?

"Joshua’s training style and attitude has given me hope, which is very important to me.
Yes i had to work hard for it, but his confidence building during our sessions has helped me a long way. He makes me feel i can do the impossible.
I now cook and prepare my meals most of the time. I now consider exercise and healthy eating habits an important part of my everyday life"

6. What are the other benefits that you’ve enjoyed as a result of Personal Training

Joshua trains me twice per week at my level and I can see progressive changes with my cardio.
My hamstring flexibility was bad, now I can hip hinge correctly and knowing how my body should respond to the exercises given to me.
I am also a Unirec member, so Joshua has prescribed me exercises to do outside of personal training which has helped with my cardio fitness a lot"

7. What would you say to anyone considering PT and would you recommend it? If so, Why?

"Take your time and look for the right personal trainer that matches your personality.
Yes, I would recommend PT for everyone who is considering.
The reason is pretty simple, avoid the damage to your health, mentally and physically"