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The Top 5 Myths in the Health and Fitness Industry

4 Aug 2017

top 5 myths in the health and fitness industry

With a few staff away, I found myself back in the Personal Training arena. I really enjoyed my time back on the Floor, helping people has always been rewarding.
But, I found myself in a joust with “BroScience”, - some of the misconceptions spread by Fitness Gypsy’s that still plague our industry.
So… I decided to bust a few of the most common I come across.

1. “Nah I don’t wanna lift weights, I’ll get too bulky”common trend among females

If you’ve said this, don’t worry. This is about education, you just haven’t been taught yet.
I’m here to let you know that you will not magically turn into a she-hulk if you touch a dumbbell.
Your muscles will not suddenly bulge due to an extreme amount of testosterone related to pushing some iron.

Resistance Exercise should be the staple of your routine if you want to:

a) Increase your metabolism (by increasing your muscle volume and therefore resting energy tax a.k.a metabolism).

b) Look Toned (shape those curves).
You can cardio until the cows come home, but if you’ve developed no muscle under those excess calories, then don’t be surprised if you don’t achieve the look you’re going for.

c) Be Strong
because strong is the new Sexy!

2. “Yeah but my friends, uncles, Cousins, sister did this and it worked for them…” – BroScience
You are not your Friends, Uncles, Cousins, Sister… “Apply the same routine for 100 different people and you’ll get 100 different results.”

3. “Yeah but I eat healthy all the time and exercise 4-5x per week… I don’t know why I’m putting on weight”

A number of things going on here. The first thing I’d check is a 7 day Nutrition/Physical Activity Recall.
Maybe that diet isn’t as clean after all and that ‘exercise’ was a casual walk around the park.
However, if you’re adamant you’re sticking to a healthy regiment there could be a number of other things to consider.

a)       Your carb intake has increased and consequently so has the amount of water you’re holding
b)      You’re gaining muscle (which we know is heavier than fat)
c)       Hyperthyroidism, Stress, Contraceptive pills, sleep patterns, daily activity (sedentary job) or anything that affects your hormone balance.

4. Spot Reduction

Bad news… You can’t just decide where to burn fat. Your body will determine that.

What can you do? – build the muscle in that area to be more pronounced/shapely. Might as well build everything else to be proportional and in balance at the same time… next thing you know, you’re looking awesome!

5. "No Pain no Gain" The negative effects of Overtraining

There’s a difference between burning your muscles into adaptation and just plain wrecking them. The bulk of this has to do with stimulus and recovery.
Stimulate your muscles enough so that they need to adapt, change, and build to overcome what you’re doing to them.
Break them down too much and your sessions will begin to suffer. You’ll spend your time feeling lethargic and struggling to recover.

Nick has over 10years experience working in the Sports, Health & Fitness Sector. He has worked in a variety of roles at local, district and national levels as a Professional Sportsman, Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist.
Nick has a Bachelor of Sports & Exercise Science and is the current Health & Fitness Manager at the UniRec.
For information on how to get your journey started at the UniRec, contact Nick -

343 REC 29Aug13