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Work in a Lunchtime Workout

15 Jul 2016

Finding time to hit the gym can often be a struggle, especially when juggling multiple work, study and family commitments. Although squeezing in a quick gym session before or after work would be ideal, it’s not always possible; that’s why we love the idea of a midday or lunchtime workout.

Lunch time workouts are not only a great way to fit in your daily dose of exercise; they’re also a chance for you to get away from your workstation and re-energise for a more productive afternoon.

Here are a few reasons why getting active during your lunch hour can be beneficial…

  • Boosts your mood  - When we exercise our bodies release endorphins, which in simple terms – make us feel good! After a quick workout you’ll return to your desk a lot happier and with extra energy to get through the rest of the day.
  • Extra time - Fitting your workouts into your lunchtimes can mean an extra hour of sleep in the morning or more time to spare in the evenings. Get your workout done during the work day and you’ll have more time to do the things you love.
  • Save cash - If you’re a regular at your local café, working out during your lunch break can be a great way for you to save cash! Opt for eating a homemade lunch at your desk and use your break to get active; reducing the chance of spending money!
  • Reduces stress - As well as having great benefits for your body, exercise is vital for maintaining mental fitness and reducing stress. If stress is getting on top of you and you aren’t getting enough out of your day, try a quick trip to the gym during your lunch break.
  • Combats injury and illness - Although it’s unlikely you’ll tear a muscle sitting at your desk, sitting for long periods has been linked to a number of health concerns including obesity, metabolic syndrome and muscle tension. What better reason to step away from your desk and into a gym!
  • Aids weight loss - Exercise is a great way to burn calories and a midday workout can also save you from being tempted by the yummy slices displayed in the food cabinet. Food from home is usually a much healthier option than what we’d typically spend money on, so do your waistline a favour and opt for a healthy lunch from home and some exercise.
  • Boosts brainpower - Studies show that working out increases levels of brain-derived protein in the body which is believed to help with decision making, higher thinking and learning. If your brain is fried, exercise is a great way to improve overall brain performance and lunchtime is the perfect chance to get some extra brainpower for the afternoon.

With so many people needing midday workout options, we made sure to tailor our exercise class timetables to cater for everyone by ensuring we have lunchtime classes scheduled every weekday.

As well as having our standard cardio and weight training equipment available throughout the day, members and non-members can also experience a range of UniRec group exercise options during their lunch hour; including a variety of Group Exercise classes, REV indoor cycling classes, and Yoga and Pilates classes. These classes all start at midday and wrap up before 1.00pm, giving you a quick yet effective workout.

To view our full group exercise timetables and for information about all classes on offer, click here